3 voice polyphonic synthesizer is great for making a lot of different noises, drum sounds but also melodic lines. MIDI note mode is also implemented so if you play by MIDI your sound settings works as 3 voice synthesizer.


  • subtractive or FM synthesis mode
  • 3 voice polyphony
  • 6 different sound for each preset
  • 6 presets
  • in subtractive mode: oscillator + state variable filter with cutoff and resonance ( LP,HP,BP,notch )
  • in FM mode: oscillator + modulation oscillator with selectable wavetables
  • LFO with adjustable rate, resolution, amount, destination on different parameters and 8 different shapes
  • ADSR with impact on volume and adjustable impact to other parameters
  • precise setting of oscillator, LFO and ADSR features are accessed by adjusting character knob which goes thru all possible settings of routing and wavetables
  • exchange sounds between more Poly Synths by SysEx message
  • 4 wavetables (sine, saw, distorted square, noise)
  • 3 note playback by MIDI – velocity sensitive
  • multi-timbral MIDI mode (lowest octave)
  • MIDI native by side connectors, note & velocity sensitive, CC support, thru
  • MIDI connector by connecting MIDI Bastl by the side

See Trinity page for more information




 Poly plays major role in this track:

demo video by Daniel Baum