MIDI Bastl is a clever MIDI module for Bastl Instruments Trinity chain of instruments to add input or output MIDI connector. It can also convert MIDI Clock to different kinds of clock – Korg Volca / Monotribe, Gameboy Nanoloop / LSDJ, DIN Sync 24 or 48.



  • jumpers to select functionality and routing of the MIDI connector (with chain connectors and sync dev. area)
  • MIDI  I/O
  • Attiny 85 based development area for almost endless sync possibilities (firmware for attiny still in development)
  • converts MIDI clock to CV clock  (4 PQN and 12 PQN) for Korg Volca/Monotribe, Modular, Gameboy Nanoloop/LSDJ  (done)
  • converts MIDI clock to din sync 24 /48 (the start pin needs one solder bridge to be in the sync mini jack – see tutorial HERE)

Standalone use: MIDI Bastl has no power jack and is powered via the side connectors from an instrument. For standalone use you need to make a power jack adaptor. On the circuit board, there are clearly marked spots to which you can solder the power jack cable. See this tutorial for more info.


  • standalone use – adding power jack
  • DIN sync start pin  the mini jack

Possible hacks

  • converts any clock to MIDI clock
  • merge MIDI  signals (from connector and from chain)
  • CV & Gate to MIDI notes
  • CV to MIDI CC