We love to make workshops

 Initiating social interactions is the greatest motivation for us. We love to meet new people, discuss ideas, share a bit of our background, build and modify the instruments and of course play them. We are open and always happy to make workshops. Please don`t hesitate to contact us when you feel like getting enough people and organizing one: info@bastl-instruments.com

Don`t worry if you don`t know exact dates. Just contact us. We put you on the list of places where to go and when we hit the road and go on tour, we will try to plan it in order to drive by your city.

We are experienced

We gained a lot of experience by organizing workshops of building and modifying Standuino instruments. During two and a half years we made 40 workshops in 9 countries across Europe and with every single participant of almost 400 people we managed to make everything work and most of the times we played a concert afterwards.

Contents of the workshops

The contents and length of our workshops should always be a subject of discussion. The Trinity series are really perfect instruments for one day workshops. We are able to build and test it in the first half of the day and in the second we might be able to write simple instrument software for it in Arduino environment and teach every participant basic software and hardware hacking. Part of the workshop is also using Trinity as a musical instrument and it is best to end the workshop with public performance of participants as Bastl Orchestra.
We can also offer microGranny for workshops. It is possible for everyone to build it and learn to play it in one day, however there is not much space for hacking it. The workshop can be one or two days depending on how deep we would like to go into the subject. With each of our new products we can imagine a kit building workshop. With everything we build at a workshop, we are teaching the participats the basics of soldering and electronics, including deeper explanation how our instruments work. When we make a workshop we are usually able to offer discounts to the original price of the kit, but everything depends on specific organizational conditions.

If you would like to organize a workshop please contact us at: info@bastl-instruments.com .

Technical requirments

  • big workshop table – ideal would be one long table with at least 15 seats
  • smaller table for technical background with 2 chairs
  • electricity extension cables with at least 15 sockets (for soldering irons and later for laptops)
  • enough light for tiny manipulation work in the room
  • PA system plus a mixer with at least 10 Jack 6.3mm inputs
  • table for the mixer