Thyme is sequencable effects processor called Thyme. It gives deep and hands-on access to basic sound processing elements which let you create most of the effects from the classic multi-effect range, but also explore the whole territory in between these. You can store all the sound settings on quickly accessible preset button which you can sequence with the built-in sequencer. On top of this, there is a sophisticated LFO and knob automation. You can also interface with MIDI, CV, analog clock and with a foot switch connector. Thyme is still in the prototype phase and full specs, pricing and availability will be announced earliest in autumn.


  •  32 sound presets consisting of basic parameters:
  •  Sampling frequency
  •  Coarse delay time up to 3.5 seconds and additional fine delay time settable in steps of two samples
  •  Feedback
  •  Bitcrushing
  •  Wet-Dry Mix
  •  Panning
  •  Volume
  •  Sophisticated LFO, routable to any basic parameter with its own settings:
    • Sawtooth, Triangle and Stepped-Random waveform
    • Frequency range from 0.1 to 200Hz
    • Additional stepping or smoothing
    • Additional waveshaping (threshold, rhythmical deactivation, XOR-modulation)
    • LFO frequency and delay time are syncable to midi or analog clock
  •    Randomizer chooses a random combination of parameters
  •    Loop-Mode
  •    CV input routable to any parameter
  •    Sound presets can be sequenced by a 32 step sequencer, including
  •    Speed control by tap tempo or midi clock
  •    32 different patterns
  •    Automation of up to three different basic parameters throughout the whole pattern
  •    Compatible with Bastl instruments’s side connector known from trinity and microGranny (midi, sound and power distribution)