Bastl Instruments is dynamic and community driven company focused on producing hand-made electronic musical instruments.  The products we make mainly spring from our needs we have as musicians and range from tabletop instruments and utilities to modules for eurorack modular systems. We are based in Brno, Czech Republic where we also run a small shop called . It all started in 2011 as Standuino and transformed into Bastl in 2013.

Who we are

Our community consists of musicians, hackers, artists, inventors, designers, DJs and engineers who are passionate about making innovative sonic environments and social situations. That is why we make our instruments the way we do. We want them to be sounding unique and big, we want them to be diy, modifiable and therefore initiators of social interactions – both online and offline. That is why we love to make workshops! Meet people, build stuff, gather ideas, modify the instruments and play them together.

What is Bastl

Bastl is czech slang which refers to the world of DIY and very often electronics. This slang word probably originated in 50-60s during the communist times when people couldn`t simply buy everything they needed or wanted. And it began to be very popular to make things on your own, and these hackers – in Czech ” B a s t l í ř i ” – were socially very appreciated (it was even advisable to marry one) and because it wasn`t possible to start up your own business in technology in the state controlled development,  they very often shared their innovations in magazines and also on tolerated TV shows.

This trend became less frequent after the fall of the regime, but today you can still meet this generation and their hacker souls in many aspects of everyday life in czech republic.

Why handmade electronics

There many reasons to keep electronics oldschool, handmade and produced by us and with love. First of all, a lot of people prefer to build their own instruments simply because it is fun. We love to do that too, and it is great that the instruments we play always have a history and memorable human work behind.

We also want to create new work opportunities in our region and want to stay in close contact with this remarkably inspiring Bastl generation. The production of our circuit boards is also done in a local factory.

Repairability and hackability are even bigger reasons for keeping things handmade in a world with an ever-increasing amount of nonrepairable and non-reusable electronics.

Designed and produced in Brno in Czech Republic

All the parts of the process take place in Czech republic on a regional level. Electronic and instrument design is done in our research lab, design is made by a Czech design studio Anymade, the website and all documentation are done here as well. We get most of the components we from a local distributor, PCBs are produced in a small town called Blansko 20km north from Brno, laser cut parts are made by our friends in Razzia in Brno. All of this comes to our tiny “factory” office, gets sorted into kits and the assembled instruments are made by locals who are partly from the Bastl generation (50+). We also organize workshops and concerts here and we also support local musicians with the instruments. Therefore if you purchase our instruments, you support the culture and small scale industry in our lovely region.

We are:



Václav Peloušek

research lab inhabitant, inventor


Ondřej Merta

the boss ! top hipster



 Leoš Hort

music producer, music label boss, PR,  instrument tester and shop master



Martin Klecl

chief of production, promising young engineer

Martin Blaško

nerd able to solve any technical problem

Jan Motl

rapper and painter, soldering & assembling hommie

David Žáček

DJ and producer, soldering and testing hero

Martin Dúbravský


David Švihel

top loco

Remote contributors

Lennart Schierling

top precision engineer, sw & hw wizzard

Martin Baar

nerd programmer & polaroid addict

Jan Vacl

knob & box maker ninja

Martin Kováčik & František Brázda & many others

top solder team

Marta Volejníková

nice older lady helping with tiny manipulation work

What else we do

Our activities divide into several different spheres of culture, we support musicians by making a platform for their creativity. Bastl team supports alternative electronic music label BűkkoTapes, which is held by our team member Leoš Hort, and helps to catch the sound  of eastern european electronic music.


We cooperate with:

Anymade Studio – graphic and instrument design
Razzia / Minimon – laser parts production

We started it with Standuino

Standuino began in 2011 as an artistic project giving tribute to Standa Filip, one of the pioneers of hand-made electronic instruments from Czech Republic. In 2013 Standuino ceased to produce and sell musical instruments, but it remains an artistic project aiming to bring up stories from the history and show the poetry of czechoslovakian DIY from the communist era. The reasons to bring up a new name, a new a brand for production of musical instruments were numerous. Most of all, Standuino began as an artistic project with a different focus than development and sale of musical instruments. By separating these two poles, we want to clarify that Standuino is an active non-commercial cultural and artistic movement, whereas Bastl Instruments is a grown-up professional music instruments developer and producer. This split also comes from different structure of the hardware design. Whereas Stadnuino was intended as an universal prototyping platform, Bastl Instruments are primarily designed for sound production. The creative core team of Bastl Instruments remains the same as the team of Standuino: Ondřej Merta and Václav Peloušek. we have been ENGINEERING SITE OF THE DAY at EEWeb

Legal details


PayPal adress: Company name address  VAT no.: Lars & Riget s.r.o. ,Kounicova 276/23, Veveří, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic ICO 28299663 VAT No. CZ28299663